Former Anthem Sudents Left in Limbo

Career College Central Summary:

  • A deal to allow students of one bankrupt college to finish their studies at another college is going sour.
  • That bombshell was dropped Monday on what would have been the first day of classes.
  • Three woman affected by the changes had hoped to one day help you at the doctor's office, but now these medical assistants in training aren't so sure. "I wanted to keep going with my schooling, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen," Shelby Morgan said.
  • The three young women are all former students of Anthem College, a for-profit institution with two campuses in the St. Louis area that recently went bankrupt.
  • "It was a big shocker to everybody. We really didn't see it coming," said Morgan of the bankruptcy.
  • But a deal with another area for-profit college, Midwest Institute, offered a solution.
  • The 300 or so Anthem students could transfer their credits and finish out their studies at Midwest for no extra cost. But Monday, the first day at Midwest, the 75 students who showed up were told the deal didn't go through.
  • "An angry mosh pit," Morgan said. "We were all, all of us were yelling and screaming and having all these questions."

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