For-Profit University Noted as the “Undisputed Top Contender Among Active-Duty Troops”

Career College Central Summary:

  • Schools known for their flexible learning options are by far the most popular among both active-duty service members using tuition assistance and veterans and their dependents using the Post-9/11 GI Bill, government data show.
  • American Military University, an online-only school, has established itself as the undisputed top contender among active-duty troops in all services, whose deployments to far-flung regions of the world can make going to a physical classroom impossible.
  • Even after discharge, many vets still demand leeway on scheduling, class locations, online learning and academic credit transfer that traditional schools have been slow to offer.
  • Military Times collected and analyzed data from more than a half-dozen federal departments to determine which schools attracted the most students using Post-9/11 GI Bill and military tuition assistance benefits in fiscal 2013.
  • The top finishers included schools of all types — for-profit, private and public — some with sterling reputations, some that have received sharp criticism from oversight organizations. One school system is even having to sell or close its schools under pressure from federal regulators.
  • As a group, for-profit schools have addressed this need the fastest, and they remain top destinations for troops and vets, despite years of scrutiny from lawmakers, media outlets and school oversight organizations.

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