For-Profit Colleges Educate the Military and Veterans

Career College Central Summary:

  • Based on my experience as a commissioned officer in the United States Army Reserve and as a veteran of the Iraq and the Afghanistan wars, I feel that I have a deep understanding of what our service members, veterans and military families have sacrificed for this nation. This is why I am concerned that there is a concerted effort, on Capitol Hill and in the administration, to block access to for-profit colleges for active duty military and veterans.
  • As our nation continues the wind down of two wars, tens of thousands of men and women are leaving the service and will need to find jobs in the civilian job market. What is disconcerting, is that according to the Labor Department, about 9 percent of veterans who have served since 2001 are currently unemployed. That is about 4 points higher than the general population. Clearly, we need to be doing all we can to prepare these heroes for success and to thrive in civilian life.
  • For-profit colleges are important for current military members looking for new job skills or to hone their military training for the private sector. In reality, those serving in the military simply don’t have time to attend classes on a typical college campus. If they want to prepare themselves for the job market while they are still serving, they need distance or online programs that are often provided by for-profit colleges.

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