Flat SAT Scores

Career College Central summary:

  • SAT scores are flat this year, following two years of declines, according to information released by the College Board.
  • The data also show that score gaps by race and ethnicity remain significant — and in some cases have been growing. And the statistics show continued growth for the ACT, which now outpaces the SAT in the volume of tests taken. ACT score averages, announced last month, were down this year.
  • The data from the College Board show that SAT scores vary by income. The College Board uses 10 family income categories, from $0-$20,000 to more than $200,000. In all three parts of the SAT, the average score goes up as family income rises — through every income category.
  • The data also show — with very little change — that SAT scores continue to vary significantly by racial and ethnic group.

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