Fans Ride Across Genres With Nelly For Vatterott Benefit Concert

Career College Central summary:

  • The concert venue, The Pageant, was bursting at the seams last weekend as resident rap star Nelly and the St. Lunatics presented a special benefit concert for Vatterott College – who partnered with him for the ex’treme Institute.
  • The Pageant was the temporary capital of Nellyville as nearly 2,000 fans of all ages waited to see the city’s son perform hits that have earned him the status of one of hip-hop’s greatest selling artist.
  • The diverse audience also illustrated his status as a certified pop star.But before Nelly and the ‘Tics took the stage, the audience would get a taste of pop courtesy of internet sensations turned radio stars Karmin.The duo made a name for themselves through live remakes of popular radio hits and became an overnight sensation when their version of Chris Brown’s remix of “Look at Me Now” went viral and garnered nearly 90 million views.

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