Education Sec. Duncan Under Fire For Comment About ‘White Suburban Moms’

Career College Central summary:

  • Education Secretary Arne Duncan has ignited a storm of protest by noting opposition from "white suburban moms" to one of his prized educational initiatives.
  • In a meeting with state education chiefs last week, Duncan said some opposition to the Common Core State Standards — a controversial effort to standardize education — has come from parents displeased that test results have exposed local weaknesses. Duncan said he found it "fascinating" that opponents include "white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — (discovered that) their child isn't as bright as they thought they were, and their school isn't quite as good as they thought they were."
  • Duncan apologzied Monday afternoon for the remark. Speaking to CNN, Duncan said: "My wording, my phrasing, was a little clumsy and I apologize for that."
  • Duncan said his point was that the goal is to prepare U.S. students for a "globally competitive work force" and to challenge education leaders to better explain to parents why higher standards are needed and what it takes to achieve them.

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