Easing Transfer Pathways

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  • High-achieving community college students from lower-income backgrounds can succeed academically at selective four-year institutions when given adequate support, according to a new study from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.
  • “Partnerships That Promote Success” describes the lessons learned from the foundation’s  Community College Transfer Initiative (CCTI). The program has provided a total of $6.8 million to eight highly selective colleges and universities over the past eight years to support programs, policies and partnerships with community colleges. The goal is to increase the number of low- and moderate-income students who transfer and earn a bachelor’s degree.
  • The four-year institutions worked with community colleges to improve student preparation, assist with admissions and financial aid and provide orientation and bridge programs, as well as assisting CCTI students after they transferred.
  • During 2007-10, nearly 1,100 community college students matriculated to the eight CCTI schools. CCTI students performed well academically, collectively maintaining a 3.0 GPA, earning 95 percent of the credits they attempted and persevering to graduation.
  • Faculty and administrators described the CCTI students as disciplined and highly motivated. A majority of CCTI students said they felt academically prepared for a rigorous curriculum. Most of them also took part in the intellectual life on campus and raised their aspirations to pursue a higher degree than they had initially planned.

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