Earning College Credit For Working Is Urged In Phoenix Area

Career College Central summary:

  • About 27 percent of the adults in Arizona have some college credits but no degree, but more could attain degrees if they were allowed to earn credits based on learning at work, according to educators who addressed the topic last week.
  • Like the rest of the country, Arizona is facing a huge gap in the number of people who have college degrees and the number needed to fill high-skill jobs, according to Pamela Tate, the CEO and president of the Chicago-based Council for Adult and Experiential Learning.
  • One way to address that gap and speed up the degree process is through credit for prior learning, which Tate discussed at a conference at Rio Salado College in Tempe on Oct. 1. The concept of awarding credit to adults who have acquired college-level knowledge through on-the-job training or military service isn’t new. However, it’s become a hot topic recently as the nation’s colleges and universities scramble to increase their graduation rates and number of degrees awarded.
  • Closing the skills gap has become so important that President Barack Obama has proposed linking federal financial aid to a government rating of colleges and universities that would take graduation rates into account.

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