Community Colleges Tout Funding Based On Outcomes

Career College Central summary:

  • Ohio’s community college presidents are backing a new state college funding system that would give greater emphasis to student completion rates. Ohio’s past formula, based on how many full-time equivalent students were enrolled at the beginning of a semester, provided incentives for colleges to enroll more students but gave less weight to how many completed programs, according to the association.
  • The OACC proposal recommends creating ways for community colleges to receive state dollars when students complete certificate programs or degrees, or transfer to a four-year university. Through fiscal year 2013, the state formula was primarily based on enrollment, though various success points counted for 5 to 10 percent of the formula. For fiscal year 2014, Ohio bases 50 percent of funding on enrollment, 25 percent on course completion and 25 percent on success points.
  • The proposed system recommended by the Ohio Association of Community Colleges would base 50 percent of funding on course completions, 25 percent on success points and 25 percent on completion milestones. Completion milestones would be weighted to account for institutions serving high numbers of underserved populations — including older students, low-income students and minority students, to acknowledge the traditional open access mission of community colleges.

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