Civitas Brings Completion-Oriented Big Data

Career College Central summary:

  • Many colleges are flirting with how to use predictive analytics to boost their graduation rates. But big data is often just a flashy way to spend money on reports aimed at administrators, argue the leaders of Civitas Learning.
  • They say data science works best when converted to practical tools that faculty members, advisers and students themselves can use. And the company, which is a relatively new player in education technology, so far has signed up more than 25 institutions — including statewide systems and national chains of campuses — to give its products a whirl.
  • Mark David Milliron is co-founder and chief learning officer of the Austin-based Civitas. A former high-profile official at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he moved to the company last summer from Western Governors University’s Texas branch. Milliron’s role with Civitas says a lot about the upstart company’s focus on the national college completion push.

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