California Considering Rights Bill for Student Veterans at For-Profit Colleges

Career College Central Summary:

  • State veteran’s groups estimate roughly two-thirds of California vets use their GI-Bill benefits to pay fees at for-profit colleges.
  • Retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel and veterans’ advocate, Pete Conaty says some schools have even promised job placement and other services to veterans, and then failed to deliver.
  • “So then the veteran who uses his entire GI-Bill going to a for-profit college, gets out with a degree and then he can’t find a job,” says Conaty.
  • The parent company of the University of Phoenix, which is the state’s largest for-profit college, did not return calls.
  • Under the bill, for profit-colleges would be required to list their student professional licensing and certification rates, maintain at least a 30 percent graduation rate for three years and provide proof of accreditation.
  • The Assembly has passed the bill. It’s now in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

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