Cal State Warned About Adding Many New Students And Classes

Career College Central summary:

  • Gov. Jerry Brown used a budget debate among California State University trustees this week to press his case for more online education and suggested that the vast system may need to fix leaky roofs and make other urgent building repairs before increasing enrollment.
  • The discussion came during a meeting of the Board of Trustees in Long Beach after presentation of a preliminary budget plan that seeks an additional $250 million in state funding next year.
  • Last fall, more than 22,000 eligible students were turned away, a continuing legacy of more than $1 billion in budget cuts that resulted in steep reductions in classes and other programs during the state’s fiscal crisis.
  • University officials said the funds would be used to admit an additional 20,000 students, increase faculty and course offerings and expand advising and other programs to help students succeed.
  • About $15 million would also be used to help finance a backlog of critical repairs and upgrades, totaling more than $1 billion, officials said.
  • An example is Cal State Los Angeles, which recently had to lease a mobile chilling unit at a cost of $155,000 a month to power campus cooling systems after the old equipment gave out. Officials said electrical and water systems on some campuses date back more than half a century.

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