Bill Gates: For-Profit Sector Expands Opportunities at the Margin

Career College Central Summary:

  • Bill Gates addressed the business officers of colleges and universities Monday at the annual meeting of the National Association of College and University Business Officers in Seattle.
  • He began from the premise that “all lives have equal value” and that the United States stands for equal opportunity.expects to see major innovation in the delivery of instruction and the support systems which colleges provide to students over the next several years.
  • He anticipates the rise of some outstanding MOOCs that will beg the question of the role of the professor.
  • He noted that it is interesting to look at the for-profit sector that deals with a very difficult student population and has expanded opportunity at the margin.
  • He stated that this sector has established a lot of best practices vis-à-vis student tracking and support services. He is concerned that the for-profit sector, along with community colleges and some less competitive colleges, may be forced to “cherry pick” better students in order to meet outcomes goals that may come into play as we move towards performance funding.
  • He noted that equal opportunity will be threatened if this happens. He urged us to make sure that we don’t create incentives so that schools do not take the difficult students yet he noted that we need to become much more effective in helping these students succeed.

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