APSCU Statement On President Obama’s Education Bus Tour

Career College Central summary:

  • As President Obama begins his postsecondary education bus tour in New York, APSCU President and CEO Steve Gunderson released a statement.
  • Gunderson said: "We hope the Administration and the U.S. Department of Education work with Congress to improve simplicity, accountability and transparency in all of postsecondary education during Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. Our institutions are the ones most able to address our nation's growing skills gap, and educate the new traditional student, so we stand ready to continue in our role as the leading innovators in skills-based, career-focused training in high-demand industries. We want to work with the Administration, the Department, Congress, students and all of postsecondary education to create a system puts the interests of students first through improved transparency and greater accountability."
  • APSCU also released a new white paper titled, "America's Private Sector Colleges and Universities: Generating Real Value for Students & Society."  The paper provides a detailed look at the return on investment for credentials from private sector colleges and universities. The paper includes a set of graphics that detail: students served; credentials awarded; service to active duty military and veterans; and benefits to local communities.


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