An Inside Look At The Textbook Scam Sweeping College Campuses

Career College Central summary:

  • Textbook prices have increased by 812% since 1978, rising faster than health care, home prices, and inflation itself.
  • The exponentially increasing cost curve has similarities to health care — just like doctors prescribe prescriptions they'll never have to pay for, professors assign textbooks with no consideration for cost. Publishers have every incentive to cushion their sales with more profits, by packaging books with new and expensive software so students can't buy used textbooks.
  • If you are frustrated by higher education's lack of accountability over price inflation and by the textbook industry charging you over $500 per semester, then prepare to become even angrier. There are not many good reasons why you would pay hundreds of dollars each semester for textbooks. As internet resources and digital alternatives become more plentiful, it is increasingly easy to save thousands of dollars on your educational journey.

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